August 2011
The Kra’aken Dynasty Chronicles

A Kra'aken warplane, severely damaged in an attack that may have destroyed the home planet, carries its near-dead pilot through a strange portal. Maintained in stasis for nearly 150 years by the ship's Artificial Intelligence, Prince Helrazr is awakened in an alien galaxy. His mission: to find Kra'aken survivors or die.

Lady Rak’khiel, a toddler sent in a survival pod to escape Kra'aken's destruction, also passes through the hidden portal only to crash-land on the planet Olica, a primitive world ruled by Kra’aken’s deadliest enemies. Found by a childless woman who hides her from those who would kill her, Rak'khiel grows to puberty ignorant of her heritage and the danger surrounding her.

The two meet as Rak'khiel is simultaneously fleeing for her life and changing into a Kra'aken adult. Although she desperately needs his help, and he requires her companionship to continue living, their alliance is fragile — complicated by differences that may turn them against each other and laden with perils they may not survive.

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