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AFTERMATH (Working Title)

Book 2 in the Kra’aken Dynasty Chronicles

Earth’s attack on Kra’aken may have obliterated Prince Helrazr’s world. Both he and Lady Rak’khiel may be the only survivors, but the hunger to know consumes them. One and a half decades after the attack, they make their way to Kra’aken airspace. The planet is in turmoil, its people mutated and sick from the Terran weapons, social structures are virtually zero. Kra’aken’s orbit has gone elliptical — the planet cannot survive. Helrazr and Rak’khiel search for any living family members. They find themselves in conflicts with warlords, jealously guarding their territories and their members. Helrazr and Rak’khiel risk everything to establish an exodus of colonists, transplanting the last of the Kra’aken race to a place where they can survive.


Urban Fantasy

Pavé Fletcher witnesses the murder of her parents by a supernatural horror. The voice living in her mind commands her to unearth a box buried by the old North Church. She flees Massachusetts, driving cross-country, looking skyward, terrified of another attack.

In Seattle, an abandoned bookstore, built upon a hidden ley-lines crossroads, breathes ... "Buy me." Pavé’s mindvoice, Ned, agrees and insists. An evil demon, drawn by the manifested power, decides he will possess the building and Pavé.

With the help of the box’s contents, will Pavé escape his plotting? Will she avenge her parents’ murders? Will she, with help from newfound friends, prevent looming evil from enslaving all Earth’s inhabitants?

SORCERER’S SOULS (Working Title)


Centuries ago, the sorcerers of Kelestra trapped and imprisoned the most powerful force of evil. Since that time, his demons and minions have worked tirelessly to free their king. The bonds are weakening and many of the magicians capable of repairing the walls have died.

Attacks by the demon Sam I’el both on Earth and Kelestra, the imminence of the evil king’s escape, cause the two worlds to join in the fight against evil. Wielding the powerful magic bijoux, Pavonine reluctantly assumes command of the forces for good. Can she, with the aid of the magic bijoux and her allies, rebuild the barriers, and return safety and peace to their worlds once more.

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